NW Orthopaedic Massage
Orthopedic & Medical - Based Massage Therapy

Services & Rates


Payment at the time of service: (packages are available upon request)

30 minutes: $88

60 minutes: $155


Insurance-based massage:

We ACCEPT Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • If you pay cash and wish to be reimbursed by your insurance, request a superbill and you can submit the bill on your behalf.
  • Most FSA and HSA accounts will cover massage therapy.  We still will request a script from your Dr so that we can have the appropriate diagnosis.
  • Please call if you have questions regarding FSA or HSA payments 425-776-6966 


Maureen is an L/ATC (Athletic Trainer) who has received extensive training and education in Corrective Exercise.  She holds a Masters degree in Human Movement and is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She can assess and design an individualized program for you to return to normal activity.

How can this help, you may ask?  Corrective exercise is meant to remedy the cumulative results of stresses placed on the body, it helps to restore and even more importantly, maintain posture, balance, mobility, and stability.  This allows the body to move more freely without pain.  It addresses inadequate body mechanics.

For more information contact the office


Evaluation and initial exercises $150

Follow- up/Re-eval with additional exercises $110

Progression of exercises alone: $55



A cancellation with less then 24-hour notice or a no show will result in a $155 fee that will be paid prior to next date of service.


  • Personal Injury (motor vehicle)
  • Gift Certificates available upon request