NW Orthopaedic Massage
Orthopedic & Medical - Based Massage Therapy



Thank you for choosing and welcome to NW Orthopaedic Massage.  We are an integrated manual therapy and movement clinic.  We provide a unique therapeutic approach with lasting effects.  We strive to make your experience with us a positive, healing, and effective one.

How are we different from the rest?

If you've been referred to us, the person referring you knows that we focus on the actual dysfunction.  We provide an in-depth initial evaluation and continue to evaluate throughout .  This philosophy allows us to address you, the individual.  We integrate several scientific-based testing techniques, postural and movement evaluations, and combine that with state of the art modalities to treat your individual dysfunction.  We are able to use a variety of assessments to show pre and post treatment progress, or lack of.  Our focus is on the root cause and hence, not just the symptoms that may arise.  This means often we will work where the pain is not.  By addressing the whole body and the entire person this allows us to attain quicker more effective lasting results.


  • We work with you and support you in every way possible.
  • Our therapists will directly work with your referring MD, DO, DC, or other HCP to assure an integrative, streamlined approach to your health.
  • We have advanced training and experience.
  • Your treatment includes empowering you, by educating you about what we find during our assessments (static, dynamic, and tactile) and education on your specific injury or condition.
  • Your treatment involves homework.  Most, not all of our clients, receive exercises to re-educate the dysfunction that exists.  These will be discussed and if needed, be emailed to you after your initial evaluation and appointment.