Insurance Billing

We strive to make this process an easy and effective one.  We will support you in every way possible by working with your insurance carrier.

We are in network with several medical insurances, call for questions.  

We accept L&I and MVA claims.

To use your insurance:

  • We unfortunately at the moment DO NOT provide insurance verifications.  
    • We highly recommend that you call your insurance carrier and find out what your benefits are.
    • Important questions to ask:  
      • benefits for massage therapy provided by a licensed massage therapist (this is important, some insurances cover massage therapy, but only if provided by a MD, ND, or PT)
      • benefits for both in and out of network
        • allowed #of visits per year
        • co-pays and/or co-insurance
        • script and/or referral
  • Attain a script from your doctor (MD, NP, DC, ARNP, PAC, or other primary care practitioner
    • Some plans do not require a script or a referral (different names for the same item), however all medical based massage requires a script be on file at the clinic you are receiving care from.
      • Must have for scripts
        • Date Issued
        • Diagnosis and ICD-10 Code
        • Number of massages prescribed and duration (ie 1-2 times per week for 6-12 weeks)
        • Provider name and signature (either physical or electronic)
      • Scripts are good for 3 months time.  At this point we will either request you contact your doctor for another one, or we will send a progress report requesting additional treatment.
      • We offer a script form under our "Helpful Forms" Tab that your Dr can fill out and fax back to us.

Preparing for session:

  • Medical Insurance
    • driver's license 
    • prescription/referral if it has not previously been faxed to us
    • your insurance card 
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents:  
    • name of insurance and claim number
    • date of injury
    • name of claims adjustor and contact info
    • address for bill submittal
    • name of other driver involved
    • contact information of attorney (if applicable)
  • L&I Claims:
    • claim number
    • name of and contact of your claims adjustor
    • please inform us if this is a private L&I claim
    • referral from Dr


If we are out-of-network with your insurance provider and you have a high deductible an option would be to pay at the time of service (TOS) and then submit a Super Bill that we provide for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  Please contact us for more information regarding this route.  425-776-6966 or


  • If we do not have a valid prescription at the time of your initial visit you may be subject to covering the entire cost of your visit if the insurance carrier does not pay.
  • We will work closely with your insurance company to get things paid in a timely manner, however we are not responsible if insurance has been maxed out or denied.  You will be responsible in this case for the entire cost of the visit.
  • All co-pays and deductibles if known are due at the time of service.  If they are not collected they may be subject to a 1% interest.
  • It takes roughly 30 days for all claims to be processed.  We outsource our billing so do not expect a statement from us for about 45 days after your fist date of service.



Please NOTE:  Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications.  The massage therapist does not diagnose illness or disease, does not prescribe medications, and spinal manipulations are NOT part of massage therapy.